3 Artists to Watch

1. Natasha Cunningham

© Natasha Cunningham

Natasha Cunningham is a graphic designer and collage artist from Kingston, Jamaica. In 2021, Cunningham was nominated to become one of Adobe Creative Cloud's Global Creators. Best known for her minimalist portraits, Natasha playfully layers images and textures to create her vibrant collages in which she often incorporates the flora and fauna of her native Jamaica.


2. Huey Dynamite 

© Huey Dynamite

AJ 'Huey Dynamite' is a fine-arts painter current based in Dallas, Texas.  His artistic practice focuses primarily on portraits inspired by his love of animation, namely cartoons and anime with frequent reference being made to pop culture and music. 


3. Jazmin Garner


Jazmin Garner is a British collage and sculptural artist creating works that investigate the relationship between natural materials and manufactured forms. Her creations are a dialogue between refined minimalism and the inherent maximalism that is found in all that is natural, living and growing; to do this she combines vegetation with simple hand-formed structures. 


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