Framed artist prints on a wall at home

Are you an artist of African and / or Caribbean descent? If yes, then keep reading:

We work with African and / or Caribbean artists to sell print editions of your work, you can choose to sell limited or open editions (scroll down to read more about our print-on-demand service). We're a curated art marketplace meaning that we select every piece that appears on the platform and we're always looking for new artists to join us. Our commission is 25% with 3% card handling fees, ensuring that all artists receive the majority. 

Plus there’s 0 upfront cost for you to start selling high quality prints with us!

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Ready to start selling prints?

We've made it easier for artists and photographers like yourself to start selling prints of your work with our 'print on demand service' (POD). There are 0 upfront fees for you; as the buyer pays for the cost of the print when they make an order. To start selling prints with us we require artwork files (at 300dpi) and some information about you and your work. As soon as one of your prints is sold it gets produced, packaged and shipped safely to the buyer — so you don't have to do a thing! 

High quality prints
Our giclée prints are produced on archival paper.

Pricing your prints
You can select any of the sizes below and set your own retail prices. Please bear in mind our 25% commission on the retail price and 3% card handling fees when setting your retail prices.

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 Print sizes in"
 Print sizes cm
 Base price  Artwork upload size
8 x 12" 21 x 30cm £10.00 210 x 300mm (300dpi)
12 x 12" 30 x 30cm £16.00 300 x 300mm (300dpi)
12 x 16" 30 x 40cm £16.00 300 x 400mm (300dpi)
16 x 16" 40 x 40cm £26.00 400 x 400mm (300dpi)
16 x 20" 40 x 50cm £26.00 400 x 500mm (300dpi)
20 x 20" 50 x 50cm £40.00 500 x 500mm (300dpi)
20 x 28"
50 x 70cm £40.00
500 x 700mm (300dpi)
28 x 40" 70 x 100cm £86.00 700 x 1000mm (300dpi)



Getting paid
All artists are paid for orders processed 4 weeks prior. This is to ensure that if a customer decides to cancel their order or return any artwork we can process this before your payout date.