5 African Female Artists We're Highlighting this Month

This month, BetterShared is shining the spotlight on five female artists we are obsessed with, and soon you will be too. 

1. Lambi Chibambo

Handel with Care


Lambi Chibambo, also known as Lamb of Lemila, is a self-taught multimedia artist based in Cape Town since 2016. Her artistic journey is an ongoing exploration, constantly evolving with each new project. Celebrating African cosmology and personal experiences, her work exhibits the journey of self-discovery across mental, spiritual, and physical realities. Drawing from her Malawian-South African heritage, she incorporates her origin’s own history and folklore. While widely known for her illustrations, Lambi also creates paintings, sculptures, and large installations.

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2. Caroline Chinakwe 

Success print by Caroline Chinakwe



Caroline Chinakwe, a Nigerian-born mixed-media artist from North West London, creates a compelling narrative centred on culture, identity, and social justice. After ending her 25 year old career in fashion, including notable positions at Nicole Farhi and Polo Avenue, Lagos, she switched her focus to art back in 2019. This shift was prompted by her noticing the lack of diverse and positive representations of black culture and style in the fashion industry.

Through her eye-catching collages, Caroline merges elements of Pop Art, Afrofuturism, and fine art, challenging stereotypes and celebrating black beauty. Her "Colourism" series, which emerged in the wake of the BLM protests, delves into racial prejudices steeped within beauty industries. 

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 3. Alaa Satir

Textured Queens print by Alaa Satir

Textured Queens

Alaa Satir, a Sudanese cartoonist and illustrator based in Khartoum, initially studied architecture at the University of Khartoum before transitioning to a career in graphic design. Her visual art has been utilised by numerous offices and NGOs.

In 2017, Satir held her first solo exhibition titled "Morning Doodles," which prompted themes such as feminism, social media, and politics. Additionally, she participated in a March 2018 exhibition focused on women's rights and gender-based violence. In June 2018, she launched a new brand called Planet.B.

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4. Mel Madiba

Awakening print by Mel Madiba


Phenyo Melody Madiba, also known as 'Mel Madiba', was born and raised in Pretoria. Madiba studied Interior Design at The Design School of Southern Africa, where she discovered pyrography, the art of drawing on wood, leather, or other materials using a soldering iron.

Her artwork is deeply rooted in femininity, consciousness, and identity expression, predominantly featuring black women at various stages of growth. Madiba envisions a world where black beauty can be fully appreciated without justification. Using expressive techniques with fire, gold, and African bronze blue, she aims to illustrate the natural divinity and opulence of black women. 

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5. Blessing Atas

Golden Girl print by Blessing Atas

Golden Girl


Blessing Atas is a photographer, visual artist, and storyteller residing in Abuja, Nigeria. Through her art, she seamlessly blends heritage and culture with contemporary life. Atas' passion for photography dates back to her high school years, where her love for painting initially flourished. Although she temporarily paused painting, photography emerged as a new medium for artistic expression, akin to painting for Atas.

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Article written by Katie Dart

Edited by Swakara Atwell-Bennett

Featured banner image © Alaa Satir 

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