5 Artists to Look For at Art Basel Miami 2022

It's that time of the year again.

With so many talented artists showcasing their work at Art Basel Miami this year, we have chosen five artists who we think you should check out. 

Pauline Marcelle

Symposium Bacchanal (2021) © Pauline Marcelle

Pauline is a Dominican artist living and working in Austria exhibiting her latest body of work, 'The Catharsis' at Art Basel Miami this year. Marcelle's work studies how social environments impact human behaviour, relationships and movement, particularly the ways in which we choose to occupy and hold space.



Jeremy Biggers

© Jeremy Biggers

Presenting a collection of works belonging to his series entitled 'Defiant', Biggers deals with ideas surrounding identity and selfhood as it relates to the social practice of "code-switching", the act of adjusting language and behaviour based on our social environment. 'Defiant' is a collection about reclaiming space and ownership of identity, with this series Biggers encourages black Americans to allow themselves to express their identities to the fullest extent. 


Selloane Moeti

THE HARVEST (2022) © Selloane Moeti

Selloane Moeti is a South African visual artist specialising in oil painting and performance art. Bringing together a variety of traditional and modern cultural motifs, Selloane's paintings are an attempt to trace and understand her lineage as a moSotho woman. Casting her female subjects in paradisical environments, she introduces symbols that reference esoteric knowledge; notably, her marked use of red clay in many of her works which is often used for spiritual and physical purification. 



Phumulani Ntuli

 At the Border Post (2022) © Phumulani Ntuli

 South African artist Phumulani Ntuli's artistic practice includes sculpture, video installation and performance. His works aim to turn his audience's attention to hidden stories and perspectives in history.



David Gumbs

 © David Gumbs

David was listed as one of our artists to watch for 2022 and till now we still love his work. An award-winning interdisciplinary artist, Gumbs's interactive and immersive video installations push the boundaries of art and culture through tech, exploring thematic concerns attached to the concepts of identity and belonging. 


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