Five multi-dimensional creatives making waves in London

We asked the duo behind creative collective DCRM which creatives should be on our radar this year? Here are their top five London picks...

Dami Khadijah 
Being British and from the African diaspora, she consolidates and entwines the two perfectly creating the perfect synergy in her style of work. Dami’s most passionate about sharing African ideas worth spreading and works with the TEDxEuston team as a Brand & Marketing Lead.

Photography © Dami Khadijah


Hamed Maiye
A multidisciplinary artist and curator who we’ve had the pleasure to work with on a couple of occasions. Hamed’s art movement ‘Afro Portraitism’ explores contemporary youth of the Afro-Caribbean diaspora and this ties in with the concept of self-representation. He’s always creating and that’s something we highly respect.

Artwork © Hamed Maiye



Exudes so much musical talent. Melo’s a craft-driven producer, based in London (as well as everyone else we’ve mentioned). It’s always a pleasure to build together and his highly anticipated EP will be dropping within the first quarter of 2018.


'Seeview Rearview' © Nadira Amrani

Nadira Amrani
Nadira is the founder of People of Colours (POC) which is a digital collective and online space promoting diversity in Film. Her debut music video for Brother Portrait 'Seeview Rearview' contributed to our inspiration on how we view creative concepts.

Image © Nadira Amrani


Tariq (L) 'Livestream' © DCRM 

Tariq Disu
Describing Tariq as an ‘Alternative rapper + Producer’ doesn’t feel sufficient. A multi-dimensional artist is a better-suited title and he’ll be releasing an EP next year with a couple of surprises too. Had a chance to listen to a few tracks from the upcoming project and they’re so strong.

Image from 'Livestream' © DCRM 


Words by: Dan Teef, Curt Essel of DCRM

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