22 Artists to Watch at Art Basel Miami 2021

Art Basel Miami is back!

We've narrowed our list down to 22 artists whose work we really enjoy and we hope you will too. From painters to sculptors, to mixed media artists to photographers, there's something here for everyone. Whether you want to find out whose up and coming, or are looking for some new artwork to invest in, here are 22 artists that you should look out for at Art Basel Miami this year:

1. Élan Cadiz

Élan Cadiz is a interdisciplinary visual artist, she documents  her personal narrative through the use of historical  and domestic imagery.

You can view the rest of Élan's work at the PRIZM virtual fair.

Image 'Uncle Marv' © Elan Cadiz

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2. Alexandre Kyungu Mwilambwe

Alexandre Kyungu Mwilambwe is a mixed media artist combining painting, drawing, sculpture, and installation in his artistic practice. His work experiments with the concepts of migration and identity, borders and space, signs, and symbols. 

See more of Alexandre's work at the PRIZM virtual fair.

Image 'Untitled' © Alexandre Kyungu Mwilambwe

Follow Alexandre @studioalexandrekyungu_


3. Pauline Marcelle

Pauline Marcelle is a contemporary artist from Dominica in the West Indies. Pauline's work engages with themes of capitalistic modes of production, transportation of goods and people, and sustainability of environmental values and labels. 

To explore more Pauline's work, visit the PRIZM virtual fair.

Image 'Tales of the Unexpected' © Pauline Marcelle

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4. David Gumbs

David Gumbs is an award-winning interdisciplinary artist from the Caribbean island of Saint-Martin. Through his work, David seeks to investigate the notion of identity and belonging in a post-colonial Caribbean world. 

To see more of David's work, visit the PRIZM virtual fair.

Image 'Power M' © David Gumbs

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5. Derrick Nxumalo

Derrick Nxumalo is a self-taught artist recognised for creating extremely detailed and intricate graphic representations of an utopian version of the city and landscaped of Durban, KwaZulu-Natal.

To see more of Derrick's work, visit the PRIZM virtual fair.

Image 'Residence II' © Derrick Nxumalo


6. Alanis Forde

Alanis Forde is a contemporary artist hailing from Barbados specialising in expressionistic realism portraiture. Working through the mediums of oil painting and collage, a concept central to Alanis' work is black female identity in an idealized, exotic, paradisiacal Caribbean space.

See more of Alanis' work at the PRIZM virtual fair.

Image 'This Time I Am Taking Paradise With Me' © Alanis Forde

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7. Antoine Williams

Antoine Williams in a mixed media artist from North Carolina, America.  Antoine seeks to challenge  concepts of power and perception. Heavily influenced by science fiction and equally by his upbringing in rural Red Springs, North Carolina, Antoine has created his own mythology surrounding the idiosyncrasies of 'black' life. 

Image 'There Will Be No Miracles Here Series # 30' © Antoine Williams 

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8. Megan Lewis

Megan Lewis a Baltimore native is a figurative painter and muralist. Expertly using a palette knife to bring her subjects to life, she incorporates locally sourced textiles and Ankara fabrics in her work to embellish her paintings with bold colours and geometric patterns.

Megan's work can be seen at the PRIZM virtual fair. 

Image 'Forgiven' © Megan Lewis

Follow Megan @urbanhipsta


9. Khalid Abdel Rahman

Khalid Abdel Rahman is a contemporary Sudanese artist mostly known for painting abstract architectural scenes of the Khartoum neighbourhoods. His colour choices characteristic of his artistic style reflect the harsh realities that permeate the lives of the people who live there.

To see more of Khalid's work, visit the PRIZM virtual fair.

Image 'Landscape VI' © Khalid Abdel Rahman

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10. Umar Rahsid

Tiwani Contemporary will be presenting a new chapter from Umar's nearly two-decade long narrative project: the epic historical saga of the Frenglish Empire - an imagined world superpower ruling in a parallel universe between 1658 - 1880. 

Firmly rooted in Afrofuturism, the booth will feature new and unseen works by Umar including paintings, drawings and textiles.

Booth N24

Image ' Incident At Lover's Cove. Black Women Don't Have To Get Ready Because They Stay Ready. Or, The Viceroy's Army Tracks The Rebels To The Secluded Area But Are Still Bested By Bonnet-wearing Women. The Men Didn't Get One Shot Off' © Umar Rashid

Follow Umar @Frohawktofeathers



12. Bonolo Kavula

Bonolo's work combines the medium of printmaking with painting and sculpture. This year, Bonolo will present a solo booth with SMAC Gallery at Art Basel Miami Beach titled, a re kopane ko thabeng.

Image "Tell me about the other side" © Bonolo Kavula

Follow Bonolo @bonolokavula


13. Karon Davis

In a solo exhibition, sculptor artist Karon Davis will be showcasing her work with Wilding Cran Gallery at  booth P15

Image 'The Mother, The Son & The Holy Spirit' © Wilding Cran Gallery

Follow Karon @karondavis


14. Peter Uka

Peter Uka is a figurative painter whose paintings reference his childhood memories in Nigeria. Elements of his childhood litter his paintings, images like afro hairstyles and bell bottom jeans coupled with his use of bright and vibrant colours contribute to create an exciting and aesthetic narrative.

 Peter will be exhibiting his work with Mariane Ibrahim at booth D30.

Image 'Still Riding' © Mariane Ibrahim

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15. Clotilde Jiménez

Clotilde's work alludes to Western life and culture through reusing everyday objects and materials like wallpaper, popular clothing brand names, magazine clipping and Mexican craft papers to create his collages. He also engages with antique, modern and contemporary art references to interrogate the limits placed on the individual through labels such as race, sexuality and gender, particularly as it pertains to black and queer individuals. 

Clotilde will be exhibiting his work with Mariane Ibrahim at booth #D30.

Image 'Toy Puncher' © Mariane Ibrahim


16. Amoako Boafo

Born in Accra, Ghana, and currently living in Austria, Amoako uses painting to create intriguing characters to solidify the black figure's place in the artistic tradition of portraiture. 

Amoako will be exhibiting his work with Mariane Ibrahim at booth #D30.

Image 'Black Pants' © Mariane Ibrahim

Follow Amoako @amoakoboafo


17. M. Florine Démosthène

Florine creates dystopian otherworldly characters in her work through multi-media and collage. Her work frequently depicts multiple figures in an effort to convey the black female body as a source of collective experiences that transcend interpretations rooted in sensuality.

Florine will be exhibiting her work with Mariane Ibrahim at booth #D30.

Image 'It Won't Fall Apart' © Mariane Ibrahim

Follow Florine @florinedemosthene


18. Zohra Opoku

Through the lens of her camera, German-Ghanaian artist Zohra Opoku explores how an individuals identity is formed through historical, cultural and socio-economical influence, particularly in the context of Ghana.

Zohra will be exhibiting her work with Mariane Ibrahim at booth #D30.

Image 'Tye Dyed' © Zohra Opoku

Follow Zohra @zohraopoku


19. Cassi Namoda

Cassi Namoda explores the nuances of social dynamics and mixed cultural and racial identity. Portraying scenes from everyday life, from mundane experiences to life altering ones, Cassi paints a vibrant portrait of life in Mozambique in a world that is becoming increasingly integrated each and every day.

 Cassi will be exhibiting her work with Goodman Gallery booth B17.

Image 'Dance of Life III' © Goodman Gallery

Follow Cassi @cas_amandaa


20. Qualeasha Wood

Qualeasha's artistic practice spans across sculpture, textile and digital media. Through her work she approaches the realities of existing as a black woman.

Qualeasha will be showcasing her work with Kendra Jayne Patrick Gallery in a solo exhibition.

Image 'Heart of Glass' © Qualeasha Wood

 Follow Qualeasha @qualeasha


21. Gio Swaby

Gio's work explores the intersection between blackness and womanhood, specifically taking a look at how physical identity can contribute to establishing connection and closeness whilst examining the 'otherness' that it imposes. 

Gio will exhibiting her work with Claire Oliver Gallery at the Untitled Art Fair booth C11.

Image 'New Growth Second Chapter' © Claire Oliver Gallery

Follow Gio @gioswaby


22. Cydne Jasmin Coleby

Cynde is a digital and mixed media collage artist based in Nassau, Bahamas. She explores personal and ancestral relationships in her graphic collages, as well as the themes of trauma and conditioning. 

Cydne will exhibiting her work with Galerie Julien Cadet at the Untitled Art Fair booth A53.

Image 'It Takes A Village' © Cydne Jasmin Coleby and Galerie Julien Coleby

Follow Cydne @cydoodles


The artists listed are in no particular order- they're just 22 artists that we loved at Art Basel this year.


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