4 Tips For Artists Working from Home

The times that we are living in are like no other. Many of us find ourselves working from home and as artists, we have to make sure that our creativity continues despite the change in our working environment. You are not alone in this.

Here are a few tips on working from home and self-isolating during this period:

Focus on routine! If you typically get dressed to go to the studio to power through your latest project, do the same from home! Getting up and doing the same things that you normally would is a great way to keep your brain fresh and ensure that you are still just as productive as you would be in-studio.

Create a productive workspace. Set up your space inside of your home as you would outside. If you are used to a specific setup at your office or workspace, get crafty and create your new space the best you can by using your resources at home. Might I suggest stacking your empty canvases for a makeshift desk? Just a thought!

Get to know the people in your network better! Virtually meet-up with artists that you may not typically work with in person. Now is a better time than ever to connect with the people in your network who have more time on their hands as opposed to being on the go as usual. Video conference software like Zoom makes it easy to stay connected and host meetings with large groups of artists worldwide. Plus you can join our Network members Whatsapp group to connect with artists across the world. Sign up to the Network and you'll receive a link to join the group 

Create a block schedule. While working from home, it can get easy to get distracted. Blocking off specific times for your tasks can help you stay on task and organized. As an artist, there are often many tasks and projects happening at once - using a structured schedule can trick your mind into being productive without the environment that you are used to.

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    Header Photo by The Lazy Artist Gallery from Pexels