Mother's Day Gift Ideas

BetterShared's suggestions for that special mother figure in your life:

From $61/ £45

Mother & Child

 This piece by Irish artist Aislinn Finnegan is inspired by Zulu adornments. It is the perfect gift to give to a mother figure in your life to remind them of the nurturing relationship between a mother and child. 


From $93/ £69

Worth the While

 Modern Afro-Minimalist artist Abe Ogunlende is in full swing with his approach to telling new stories and ideas of life and his personal experiences, as he does with this art print 'Worth the While' (2021) part of a new collection of works exclusive to BetterShared.

From $146/ £108


Womanhood is central to multi-disciplinary artist Mel Mabida.  Based in South Africa, Madiba specialises in pyrography, seeking to empower women through her art in which she explores beauty, balance, emotions, and the duality of the human experience. 

From $174/ £129

Sein Fleuri

Parisian artist Raphaële Anfré expresses a personal relationship with her body through abstract art. ‘Sein Fleuri’ means ‘Flowery Breast’ in French. This piece represents a woman, sitting, facing and kissing from the tip of her breast


From $215/ £159

Summertime Print

Chicago-based artist Natalie Osborne offers a contemporary representation of black women through her paintings, Summertime is the perfect print to gift to a bright, colourful and bold woman in your life.


From $282/ £209


Heavily influenced by her upbringing in Brooklyn, NY, Trinidadian American artist uses bold and vibrant colours to convey the strength, resilience and beauty present in her culture and represented through her work. Reimaging the African mask in her work, Woollery uses it to reveal the beauty, strength and power of  black women.

From $809/ £600


Self-taught artist Rochelle Ayele specialises in artwork celebrating people of colour, human interaction and self-authenticity. This piece actually belongs to her 'Women's Hair' series and may remind you or the mother figure in your life of a favourite childhood hairstyle.


From $1,146/ £850

I Can't Be Stung by You 

 This piece by Nigerian-British artist Caroline Chinakwe belongs to her debut collection, This Is Me (2020.) Chinakwe seeks to capture the resilient spirit of women have suffered much and yet continue to thrive.



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