How We Adjusted Our Business in 2021

Like you, we have also been getting used to what is now being called the “new normal”. Over the past 18 months, businesses around the world have had to alter the ways in which they deliver their services and adapt to new ways of working. Many of us took to working from home under the government’s regulations, and you may just be starting to return to the office under a hybrid working arrangement after a long time away.

As a result, we also had to rethink how we direct our services as people were working separately, and many businesses made the transition to operating fully online. 

During the initial lockdown, we hosted our first virtual gallery called ‘Summer Shared’ which allowed visitors to discover new artwork from some of the artists currently selling on the marketplace, all from the comfort of their sofas! 

Summer Shared

The gallery space that we created was inspired by both East and North African architecture, showcasing artwork from 6 artists from 6 different countries. For those used to frequenting galleries and shows, the virtual gallery was without a doubt a change in pace in terms of  how things are usually done. However, it showed us that there are creative solutions at our disposal which we can use to resolve the current issues facing the industry. 

Even though visitors couldn't experience the art in person, it didn't take away from their ability to appreciate the artwork given the circumstances. 

One viewer described it as “really beautiful. I put on some good summer tunes and spent 5 mins appreciating those pieces.”

 We also worked with our global network of creatives to host virtual workshops. In particular ‘The Body Series’, a 6-week creative workshop on body positivity hosted by hyperrealist artist Natasha Muluswela in which participants were encouraged to explore their body through art. It was a chance for a group of people to come together each week, engage in honest and open conversations and get creative, regardless of their experience.

We pride ourselves on our ability to find forward thinking solutions to today’s material problems, and we recently won a pitch to work with the Fak’ugesi African Digital Innovation Festival to create a virtual 3D gallery space. This year the Festival decided to make sweeping format changes to refresh the way attendees interact with creative work from the virtual event platform through the introduction of the all new virtual 3D gallery space. 

Fak'ugesi Festival

“It's been a great opportunity to work on Fak'ugesi Festival,” says Swakara Atwell-Bennett, Founder and CEO of BetterShared. “Firstly, for us it's been our largest gallery build and we've also been able to really push the concept and create something quite different from what's already out there in terms of virtual galleries.”

Designed to imitate a real-life gallery experience, we have created a gallery space which offers visitors the chance to explore the work of over 70 creatives across digital art, music, gaming, animation, & immersive media.

Fak'ugesi Festival

The created space is a virtual hall of 3D graphic glass-front shipping containers, each home to a curated exhibition packed with explosive, contemplative and experimental work. 

 To explore the festival for yourself, simply click here.

Uber HQ


BetterShared recently collaborated with Uber in London to curate and design four gallery walls for their headquarters. We chose pieces that would serve as inspiration for Uber employees and visitors after an extended period of working from home throughout the pandemic.

If you’re looking for new ways to engage your team that is more than just another ‘Zoom or Teams quiz’ (yes we’re tired of those too), or even for a way to bring a new lease of life into the office you’ve just returned to, then we’d love to talk.

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