BetterShared's Festive Gift Guide for Art Lovers 2022

The festive season is quickly approaching! At this time, we all have the opportunity to pause and take stock of our lives, to acknowledge what we've achieved throughout the year, and to show appreciation to the people that are still here with us.

One way that we can do this is through surprising our loved ones with something meaningful. 

Finding the 'perfect' gift gets harder and harder each year, doesn't it?

We've put together a gift guide so that you can find something special to gift to a fellow art lover.

Are they the Minimalist, the Bold One, the Loyalist, or the Avant-garde?

Not sure? Read the descriptions to find out or get them to take this short quiz.


Gifts For Minimalists

 This person is calm, balanced, and finds beauty in both the great and small things in life. They're not averse to colour but rather they value simplicity and comfort above all. They tend to be really in touch with themselves and the environment around them, as a result they may appreciate art, like sculptures, that make use of natural materials such as wood, fabrics, clay, and stone. Art in their home contributes to the harmony of the space that they've curated, and in many ways offers sensory relief. 

Seaswede  £130/ $149


Maktub From £108 / $142


Build your own £69/ $91


Gifts For the Bold One

This person is authentic and honest about who they are. They're not afraid to engage in playful behaviour even as an adult, and this inner vibrancy is reflected in the art that they gravitate towards. Their home is unique and welcoming, full of treasures that are a roadmap of their life's journey. They're the type of person to have a copy of Orwell's 1984 next to a Sophie Kinsella novel on their bookshelf. They may like textiles, illustration, and paintings, but first and foremost the art that they love is colourful, vivid, and tells a story. 


 Reign £95/ $125


Gifts For the Avant-garde

The Avant-garde is innovative, experimental, and creative; they feel very at home with the unfamiliar. Topics of conversation with them fluctuate between the intellectual and the otherworldly. You always leave their company having gained an alternative perspective or having just learned an unusual yet fun fact to share at the next dinner party. This person may like NFTs, photography and mixed media. The art they enjoy starts a conversation; you can't help but keep looking at it as it entices its viewer to start thinking more deeply about its significance.  

In the House of Yes £359 / $411

Gifts For Loyalists

The Loyalist is stylish, practical, and sophisticated. At the end of the day, they're a realist, and this tendency is recognisable in their art preferences. They may favour photography and drawing over other mediums, however this doesn't mean that they shy away from experimenting with different art forms. Being that loyalists are very intentional people, art that goes into their homes will be simple, beautiful, and very human in nature. 

Ayo Print £159 / $183


Suleja Vessel £194/ $224


Innocence B&W Portrait II £159/ $209 


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