Which Art Collector Are You?

Are you the Minimalist, the Bold One, the Loyalist, or the Avant-garde?

Don't know?

Take our quiz to find out which type of art collector you are and access a curated selection of artworks to match your home interiors.

The Minimalist

Your home makes room for you, not the other way around.

Light, airy, and spacious, all the components of your home perfectly combine to create a calm and comforting environment for you to focus on yourself and relax after a long day. You may appreciate a little colour in your space, but nothing that will be too overwhelming to the senses. For you, it's all about creating harmony, no crazy prints or outrageous colours that will throw off the balance. You value simplicity in design.


Build Your Own £69


Hiplet Ballerinas £150/ £300


Maktub £108


The Bold One

When someone enters your house, they will undoubtedly notice the sense of playfulness and fun that you introduce to your décor. You're not afraid to experiment with colours, you manage to mix different prints and textures like no one else, especially those that "shouldn't" work. Your home is unique and welcoming, boasting all kinds of unusual treasures and trinkets that you have collected throughout your life journey. Simply put, your home radiates YOU. Your personality is evident in every space, nook, and cranny.  



 Reign £95


Lady on Blue Hat £400


The Loyalist

Clean. Sleek. Classic.

You manage to expertly blend style and practicality; this is no easy feat. You may tend to lean towards darker colour palettes in your choice of décor. Your home is simple yet sophisticated, modern yet traditional, everything has its place and has been chosen with attention to detail and care. You've taken the time to really think about how you want to decorate and occupy your space and it shows. You're very intentional when it comes to decorating.


Sanctity B&W £469

Powerless God £109


The Avant-garde

When it comes to home décor, you're ahead of the curve. Your home is chic, innovative and original, and this is reflected in the art that you gravitate towards as well. You experiment with shape as well as colour, the more unconventional or unfamiliar, the more you love it! Your home is full of conversation starters that spark the imagination. No one could ever accuse your house of being boring. 


Jelly £179


Two Step £169




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