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Goody partnered with BetterShared to create a series of greeting cards featuring the work of black artists. In this article, we hear from Goody’s Head of Merchandising Melanie Miracolo about how inclusion is intrinsic to their ethos and how it is woven throughout the customer experience. We also discuss what will be essential for businesses going forward.


What did Goody want to achieve with the commission partnership? 

I found BetterShared last year and knew we needed to partner together. BetterShared is a leading platform to discover and shop contemporary art by some of today's most exciting artists. I loved everything about how they support Black artists and give up to 70% of the sales profits to them. Part of Goody’s ethos is to support Black creators and aside from partnering and highlighting Black-owned brands, what better way to support Black artists than to partner on designing our greeting cards?

Lambi Chibambo Greeting Card Design

Greeting card design by Lambi Chibambo


Did you achieve your initial project goals? 

We began this journey as a year-long project, not just a "one and done" partnership for February. We aimed to have different Black artists and creators represented throughout the entire customer experience, throughout the year. We successfully achieved our project goals and plan to continue featuring Black artists’ work.

The entire process of working with BetterShared felt seamless. This speaks to how they run their company, their relationships, and how they support those creators. It was almost like working with the artists directly. There were no crazy timelines or long lead times between feedback, making it an overall wonderful experience.

How have customers responded to the cards by BetterShared artists?

We've received amazing feedback. When you send a Goody, you also send a card. Whether it's for Valentine's Day, Father's Day, or Thanksgiving, we're proud to have Black creators represented. Through our partnership, we divided out the year for those different moments.

Neals' work received particularly wonderful feedback on how “beautiful it was to showcase Black love.” When you visit a card store and look at the wall of cards, Black love is not always represented.

Neals Niat's Mapanes Love Greeting Card
Greeting Card design by Neals Niat


Goody partners with value-driven brands, can you share your predictions for the future of value-driven shopping?

According to Forbes, 90% of millennials say they want to switch to shopping for brands associated with causes, but the experience of actually seeking out those brands can be labor-intensive and time-consuming. That’s why marketplaces that focus on social impact, giving back, supporting small businesses, and supporting underrepresented communities are thriving. 

Over the past five years, I’ve noticed a slow build in the number of brands, marketplaces, and companies moving toward value-driven shopping. From both a consumer and business perspective, we believe this is the only way forward. This is evident not only in large organizations but also in smaller groups within them.

Our data shows that filtering by brand values and price is one of the top ways people navigate our platform. Value-driven shopping is not an afterthought for people; it is genuinely how they embark on gifting and shopping for themselves. Value-driven shopping is the future of shopping.


Want to create a campaign that goes #beyondblackhistorymonth?

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