something about selling your art here,

Selling my Art

What types of art do you accept?

Visual art including; paintings, mixed media, drawings, sculptural art.


How do I sell prints on BetterShared?

How much do prints cost?
0. Yes 0 upfront costs for you! Prints are printed on demand and you include your 


How do I sell my original art on BetterShared?


What’s your commission rate?
25% and our card handling fee is 3%, this is so you always receive the majority. After all it's your work!

Why haven’t I had a response?

How do I remove my art from the site?


BetterShared Network

What is the BetterShared Network?

How do I join the BetterShared Network?

How much does membership cost?


Getting paid

My Art has sold when will I be paid?

How will I be paid?

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