Transform your workplace with contemporary art

BetterShared provides art on rotation for your office.

Curated collections

We curate works that complement your space, sourced from over 14 countries worldwide.

Flexible rental options

Swap your artwork with a new collection of works every 6 or 12 months.

No hassle installation

All plans include framing, delivery and installation. Simply select a plan and we'll handle the rest.

A Workplace Where Everyone Belongs

At BetterShared we help you create an inclusive working environment through diverse art. Access art from our global network of talented artists from Africa and the diaspora. Speak to our team today:


Bring your office to life with art

Make your office a place of inspiration. Art is proven to enhance creativity and improve well-being. At BetterShared our art rental subscription provides continuous inspiration for your employees. Swap your art prints for a new collection every 6 or 12 months.