BetterShared is a leading global platform for African art dedicated to sharing the stories and perspectives of creatives and art lovers with our audience. Increasing the visibility of our global creative network is at the forefront of everything we do, so creating content that gives voice to the concerns and interests of our community is as equally important.

Our aim is to be known not only for our high-quality prints, original art pieces and other artworks, but as an authority on the issues that engage our audience. We want editorial contributions that are honest, punchy, imaginative and most importantly accessible.

What We Are Looking For:

  • Personal Essays
  • Art Exhibition Reviews
  • Opinion Pieces (an article offering commentary on trends and movements in art and design.)
  • Listicles 

Before You Pitch....

  • Make sure that your idea is "original" and not a subject that has already been covered on our site and that it is something that would be of interest to the BetterShared audience.
    • Wait until your piece has been approved before you start writing.
    • Ensure that the article that you pitch has not been previously published on another platform.


    How To Pitch

    • Include a working title for your piece.
    • Tell us what type of article you will be writing.
    • Indicate in which section you would like your piece to appear.
    • Links to any external sources that will be referenced in your article.
    • Up to 300 words covering the main points that will be explored in your piece, and an explanation for why your chosen subject would be of interest to the BetterShared audience.


     We are a small team at BetterShared, so responses to your queries will not be immediate. We will try to respond to your email as quickly as possible, allow for a 3-5-day period before following up on your pitch.

    Send your pitch to

    If we decide to move ahead with your proposal, you will receive an email with a date for your first draft, a final submission deadline, and a word count.