Fair payments for artists

One of our biggest commitments is ensuring artists receive a fair payment. We do so by keeping our commission low.

Most galleries take around 50% of the artwork’s value in commission (some are even as high as 70%), meaning artists receive only a fraction of their artwork sales.

At BetterShared our commission is just 25%.

Our promise is that artists receive a fair payment with the majority of the profits going directly to them. So each time you buy art on BetterShared you are truly supporting these talented artists.


Making art more accessible

We’re on a mission to make art accessible for all. Whether you’re thinking about buying your first piece or you’re a seasoned collector, we’re here to help. Ask us the questions you may have been afraid to ask.

We’re creating free resources to help you choose, frame and hang your art. Check out our framing guide, and expert advice from our guest curators. Plus get FREE art advice via our WhatsApp advisory service – an art advisor in your pocket!

WhatsApp our Art Advisors on +44 (0) 788 2941 448